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The goal for everything we do is to support your business in the best way to make you self-sufficient. That's the real value of how we do things. We want to optimize your workflows and reduce your long-term costs by guiding your team into internal advisory roles. We measure our success by your increased internal capabilities so you have less need to pay for future consulting.

Our approach to consulting was developed through executive advisory roles in the financial sector where efficiency is critical. Strategies managed within those roles include call center and knowledge management, instruction design, systems integration, domain consolidations, vendor management, and so much more. Our efforts lead to seamless transitions because we follow a multi-fold approach that gives clear insight into current capabilities which creates a strong foundation to build into the future.

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Our Approach

Advising is built on trust. To build that trust, our methods are structured in a way that you get only the advice you need instead of selling you on what you don't. If you only need to go through Discovery, great! We're happy to assist. If you need further help with Planning and Execution, we're here for you! If you just need advice on how to execute because you already have a clear picture on the rest, perfect! You can feel comfortable knowing that we are here for help with any or all of it. We do not require that you sign up for the entire package.

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Step 1: Discovery

We take a deep dive into how your business operates. We learn everything we can directly from you and your team. You'll probably be sick of all of the questions, but our intent is to get the best picture possible of how you're currently working. This is the basis for understanding where opportunities exist and how to move forward to the next goals. We are not here to sell you anything you don't need. We want to lower your costs by more efficiently using what you already have whenever possible. Are you paying for multiple services from different vendors that perform the same tasks? Are you utilizing your current cloud subscriptions to their potential or could you cut costs by using a different tier of service? Were you oversold on something you don't actually need or use? Discovery is where we find out all of that information.

Step 2: Planning

This is where we take everything learned in discovery and create a vision of how to get to where you want to be. Unlike our Project Management offerings, Plan Advising is meant to be more high level road-mapping for your project managers to execute. The planning stage is where we lay out the details of how we believe you can best achieve your goals and have deeper discussions on how to get there. Planning includes services like risk assessment, contingency plans, costs and savings estimations, automation opportunities, and timelines.

Step 3: Execution

Execution is where so many great plans die. Even the best plans with the clearest pathways to success experience fatal turbulence. Much of this is because there are always unforeseen issues that cause things to veer off course. It is at those times when plans and projects fail if there is not a strong advisor to push them through. We have been around through small and large scale execution phases that we understand these situations should not create panic. Instead, they create opportunities. The real value in our expertise is being able to find those opportunities and realizing there are so many different ways to get across the finish line.

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